Metallica -The $5.98 E.P Garage days Re-Revisited
Metallica -The $5.98 E.P Garage days Re-Revisited


Metallica -The $5.98 E.P Garage days Re-Revisited

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Remastered EP Pressed On 180g Vinyl!
Available For The First Time Since '89!

This 1987 release by Metallica contains covers of the late '70s and early '80s new wave of British heavy metal bands, plus the American punk band Misfits. The music was rehearsed then recorded over a period of six days. The album was the first for the group featuring Jason Newsted as bassist.

From the album jacket: After coming off the 'Puppets' tour in Feb. 87, we needed a place to jam and ended up in a fancy, so-called "real" rehearsal studio. It hella sucked! So in May, after a break in the action, we decided to return to the old reliable, ever-comfortable and smelly garage; super-duty soundproofed by us, (except K- - -), under the direction of building master J. Newkid. To break it in, we started bashing out some old favorites of ours in true Metallikatz fashion, and after a bit we thought it would be good fun to record and release them. So in early July, we flipped down to L.A. and did it in six days (about the same time it took to load in the gear on the last album). Like the first "Garage Days Revisited", these are cover tunes and you shouldn't take all this too seriously, cause we don't!! Enjoy!!